The Team

The team consists of qualified personnel supervised by the Manager and the Partner. These groups constitute the specialized teams.


Each team is selected depending on the sector and nature of the services.

Location of services

Depending on the specificities of the service and the preference of the client, there are two different models to choose from to render the services:

-at Cerb: in our offices in Beloura Office Park, where we are equipped with all the modern IT and communication means.

-at the Client facilities: with the option of using the Client’s equipment and IT systems or our own.

IT Support

As IT Support, the services may use:

  • our own programs, proprietary to Cerb or licensed to the Client
  • the Client’s systems and applications
  • integrations of the Client’s supports with our own applications

Key Indicators

  • 60 Employees (Full-time)
  • 90% Graduates and PostGraduates
  • 7,5 job experience
  • Average age: 35